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Meet Bushira



My Story:

Bushira lost both her parents before she was old enough to recognize them and had been living with her elderly grandmother before coming to New Hope. Bushira's grandmother earned less than $1 a day selling porridge on the streets and could not provide Bushira with such basic needs as education and healthcare.

Sleeping on a rug in a single-room shanty in the Arubaine slums of Busia, Bushira used to work all day carrying 20 liter jerry-cans of water from over a kilometer away. She would carry three cans per day and earn the equivalent of 6 cents per can.

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Personal Information

Name: Bushira Namuwenge
Gender: Female
Birthday: July 5, 1997
Nationality: Ugandan
District: Busia
Favorite Hobbies: Netball, English
Religious Background: Muslim
Status: Orphan, Resident
Current caregiver: New Hope
Former caregiver: Grandmother


Father: Deceased
Year died: Unknown
Cause of Death: Unknown
Mother: Deceased
Occupation: N/A
Year died: 2005
Cause of death: Accident
Number of Brothers: 1
Number of Sisters: 2